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With the increasing market for counselor employment these days, a counselor needs to be an expert in this field to survive in the cutthroat competition. It is not easy to counsel and guide people from diverse cultures and different backgrounds and belief systems. For this it becomes utmost necessary for him to gain the knowledge of multicultural competencies.

Multicultural means the acceptance of the cultures initiated in an organization. Like in schools there is multicultural counseling for student resistance, developing school family community, multicultural family counseling etc.

Many counseling professionals have suggested that cultural knowledge, sensitivity and awareness should be integrated into school counseling training programs. Thus it has become almost compulsory to adopt multicultural competency in counseling.
For this reason, it is very much needed that counselors become familiar with the tactful counseling interventions and right approaches to handle and guide the culturally diverse youngsters.

As culture has an influence on the mental health there is an increasing need to study thoroughly and ascertain the amount of its influence on human mind. It has also been found that clients from different cultures tend to be very sensitive and shy in expressing their heartfelt views on this issue. Here sophistication and professionalism comes handy. Therefore, counselor jobs are considered very important in the multicultural society.

Culture is so closely intertwined with mental health as well as the counseling field that multicultural and diversity considerations are built-in with the Code of Ethics.

These days’ people have become more conscious for multicultural issues and its knowledge plays an important role in counseling. Thus demand for counselor employment varies from place to place depending on the awareness people have about its benefits.

The method of communication also varies widely from culture to culture and it must be taken into account. Awareness, knowledge and skills are necessary to counsel effectively among different cultures and this develops a competitive approach in counselor jobs. The skills to respond in a sensitive and appropriate manner to those who are culturally different are clearly recognized as centrally important to all counseling competency.

Some disadvantages of this competency in counseling are the slow recovery in the mental health of the people and the failure to assess the impact of the quality training the counselor provides. But nevertheless if one tries to spread awareness regarding the importance of counseling in a proper way then there would be a fast growth in the counselor employment industry.

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