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Do you consider yourself to be an average job seeker? Well if you do then probably there is nothing you should be surprised of because this is something common to most of the frantic job seekers out there. A Harrison Barnes CEO of one of the best Job portals, mentions that the single and the stupidest thing of all that most job seekers  tend to make when looking for jobs is that they have no idea of how they should open the floodgates of jobs and make suitable offers pour down on them.

Well have you ever questioned yourself why you are an average job seeker and stuck with your job search. Well Harrison Barnes promises you to point out some of the most important things that can help you turn around the quality of your job search to a favorable standard and that too in just a little time even before you could realize it yourself.

Well to start off the discussion at, he mentions that often it can be seen that some of the most stupid people crack the brightest of jobs and things seem to be rather impossible. Well most of the times this is because the guys knew the right person or somehow or the other managed to pocket the job. Well you will be able to win 99% of the battle if you can manage to know about the best of the jobs available in the market before anyone else. Yes that is what he highlights on; Harrison Barnes mentions that if you can manage to know about the quality jobs that others have no idea of, that is where one can win 90% of the job search battle.

So what you basically lag in is the way in which you carry out your job search venture. The worst of the mistakes one can do is to apply to the same jobs that thousands of others are also applying to at the job boards. What these highly publicized job boards basically do is make the job search process all the more harder for you, isn’t it, with hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world applying to the same jobs that you had been considering? This is precisely the fact that you need to realize in order to make some serious changes and make things finally work in your favor.

First and foremost, stop following the crowd. This is necessary because when you apply to the same job that 10,000 other people apply to you take one incredible step of immensely narrowing down your chances of getting the job; you kill on your own odds.

A second dumb mistake that a lot of people perform like you is to apply to the advertised jobs and the advertised jobs alone. Actually posting jobs on sites costs the employers nothing but peanuts and in return what they get is lots and lots of aspiring applicants for the jobs which they post.

On the contrary, what A Harrison Barnes suggests is that you should consider those particular jobs that the companies post on their own sites as that is more genuine and not a lot of people have an idea about these jobs. And the other most significant reason is because when checking the jobs on a company’s site you will be assured that each one of them are the latest updated job categories. And this is even the case these days as now most of the companies seem to have better sites with individual “Career” pages of their own.

So the option that you should actually consider if you are to take A Harrison Barnes suggestion is to consider where you can check virtually each and every job in the market that is not advertised. The jobs that you see at are all straight from the authentic employer websites and other locations. These are the ones that are not the typical advertised jobs that can be found just all over the place. In fact these are the jobs that not many people have an idea of. And the best thing about looking for jobs on Hound is that the site has a lot more jobs for you to consider than on most of the other job board sites.

Hound is one site that literally hand picks jobs for you and doesn’t wait for some $500 to come from the employer. At Hound you will find no recruiter jobs it just brings you the offers straight from the employer. So you can be assured of the fact that you are directly applying to the employer and hence your chance of landing the job is also far better.

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