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Job hunting involves a lot of mental stress and patience. Sometimes a job search might take months. Most job seekers when unable to get success get depressed and frustrated which is the result of negative thoughts and fears. You may start to believe that you are not capable enough to perform and that your skills are not up to the mark to beat the demand of the competitive job market. But remember, that getting depressed about the situation will do no good to you. Whenever you will get a call for an interview, you will not be able to perform well because of the negativity that you have allowed to flow in.

A Harrison Barnes, the CEO of, understands that it is not easy to be optimistic and stay motivated if you continuously face failure in your job search. However, you need to understand that there are times which will make you feel low as it is a very natural phenomenon. But it is up to you to decide how you are going to deal with the situation. Will you fight back or constantly feel depressed about the situation. If the decision is to fight back then you will definitely succeed in the near future but if the decision is to continue feeling low then later it will be very difficult to recover and at the extreme may require professional medication help.

Thus, A Harrison Barnes suggests you not to allow depression hold you rather fight it back and you will see the results yourself in your life. Once it is decided that you will deal with the situation with a positive frame of mind then you need to prepare motivation strategies for yourself. These strategies will help you re-gain the confidence and allow you work in a much better state of mind.

Continue with your Daily Routine:

The most important thing that you need to do, according to A Harrison Barnes, is that you need to continue with your daily routine. There is every possibility of you losing motivation once you are unemployed. But it is your duty to not to feel low and continue your daily in the same way as you did when on a job. Finding a job for yourself is now the most important job for you. Approach the process with the same stiffness as your previous job. Set a schedule for yourself, this will help you stay productive and efficient at the job of getting employed again.

Create job search Goals and Plans:

With no success in your job search even after a long time, you need to prepare a new job search plan and reset your goals feels A Harrison Barnes. Take some time to rethink your goals and then list down your priorities. Then check where are the areas you think you are lacking. Is it your resume that is not good enough or you are not updated with the current demand in your field? Are you making the best of your network or just spending a lot of time by using online job portals? Once you know where you lack, you can easily rectify it. If you are unable to get many interview calls then your resume needs to be re-done but if you are unable to crack at the interview then you need to brush your interview and post-interview skills.

Take help of an Expert:

A Harrison Barnes recommends you to take help from experts in preparing a new job search strategy for yourself. They can best guide you with your needs and help you get a new approach in your job search. Career counselors or career coach are the people who can help you bring changes to your strategies and will even give you ideas and solutions to make it much more effective.

Try to Expand Your Network:

Networking is the most powerful tool for a job search believes A Harrison Barnes. This not only helps you get a job but also helps you maintain a good professional relation with your friends of the same field. Networking means building relationships with people around you. They need not be your friends and family only. In fact you can get in many people who can help you get job. They will give you a contact that may refer you at any job opening with a particular firm. So it is very necessary for you to expand your network of contacts.

Being proactive and aggressive in your job search can surely help you succeed in getting a job.

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