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The United States, a Certified Nursing Sister is defined as a person, who assists individuals, or atients, with their health care needs and provides bedside care, including basic nursing procedures. A nurse assistant is an important part of a health care team, in present day hospitals and extended care facilities.

Nurse assistants are needed to provide routine care, in order that nurses can perform the duties for which they are trained, as outlined by each state’s Nurse Practice Acts. The nurse assistant, must not only be highly skilled in the actual procedures being performed, but also be able to observe a patient’s condition and report back to the nurse. The nurse assistant is often referred to as the “eyes and ears” of the nurse.

There are manhattan new york jobs, New York and for qualified nurse assistants, it cold be worth while considering the concept of working independently? Your services and expertise are in demand in many areas. Your skilled occupation is the type that is listed by ShortTask; an online Global organisation, designed to connect professional and skilled job Seekers, with employers. The services of numerous skilled and professional people are continually in demand. They are therefore, able to negotiate well paid and beneficial packages.

You have worked hard, to attain your qualifications and experience as a nurse assistant and it could well be that working independently could benefit you financially. Your ability and exceptional skills could already be needed in many medical related facilities. Whilst CNA jobs in Manhattan, New York could be worth considering, as an independent worker, you would be able to choose where you would like to work, with whom and have guaranteed payment in American Dollars!

Some of the reasons for you trying this new and exciting online concept with ShortTask are as follows. For the employers or “Seekers”, it is cost effective, with a further incentive being that there are no advertising costs and a huge amount of skilled workers available to them. In addition, there can be large savings and benefits, in not having to take employees on a permanent basis! For the workers or “Solvers”, they retain their independence to make a choice of work from a large selection and have the benefit of working from home.

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