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Everyone dreams of success. Success and money go hand in hand. The general outlook of today’s generation is to earn more money in a shorter span of time. Earning a good amount in a shorter period of time is not easy and never will be. If switching jobs was directly proportional to an increase in salary, then this world would see millionaires being born every day.

In the quest to earn more, most professionals commit the cardinal sin, frequent job jumps. Frequent changes in your job profile or in your industry can point to a lack of commitment towards your job or your employer. Commitment is paramount if you want to succeed. It is the secret for having a successful career.

Why is commitment so essential? Commitment ensures that the Management knows you are here to excel and not just to work. Employees who want to excel at their workplace are committed to their jobs. They want to pour more into their work with the single intention of being better at what they are already doing. Every Management wants commitment from their employees. A committed employee will not only rise faster through the ranks, but will also find job satisfaction. This is the key factor, which pushes a committed employee to do more.

According to A. Harrison Barnes’s experience from his involvement in the recruitment sphere, people lack commitment which is very essential to any job. There are various reasons why employees are ready to switch jobs. For example, if they are criticized by their employer or if they hear that some other employer is giving a higher package. This shows lack of commitment among employees. A. Harrison Barnes has rightly compared this pattern of job switches to soap operas. The underlying theme of soap operas is lack of commitment which the characters show which eventually leads to catastrophic consequences. He has constantly observed similarities between this “soap opera pattern” and employees who lack commitment.

You have to be committed to the kind of work you do. Refrain from accepting assignments which do not suit you or eventually you will be forcing yourself to do work. Commitment should come from within as it cannot be forced. You need to feel joy at achieving a target set for you, to feel the urge to do something extra, go that extra mile. You need to love your job. If you love your job, commitment will flow.

Employers will always look for committed employees; it is natural says A. Harrison Barnes. An employer will never continue working with an employee who lacks commitment as it is detrimental to the interests of the organization. Employees who lack commitment will eventually end up committing mistakes and the end result will be lackluster. There are boundless examples of employers relieving their employees of their duties due to lack of commitment. These cases are even higher in the outsourcing industry where outsourcing units are constantly in a turf war to employ people with the best skill sets, albeit with a compromise on the level of commitment.

A. Harrison Barnes further says that whenever someone says that they are looking for another job even after they are employed, this means that the person is not committed to what he is doing and thus will never succeed in life. People, who leave exactly at the end of the stipulated office time or change their jobs with almost no reason at all, will never achieve success. They do not have a bright future in their respective fields. Commitment is what makes your career shine and if you do not have it, you do not have a successful career.

But, times are changing. There are more and more people who are fully committed to what they do and their commitment has paid off. They go on to achieve tremendous success in their life. They join the company or the firm with the intention of continuing their association with the same firm for a longer period. The employers are happy with their commitment and they take care that these employees rise within the firm. This commitment works towards enhancing their success.

If you are committed to your job, you will definitely have a raise in your income along with success. Money is meaningless without success. Success will bring an increase to your salary. Committed employees will see their income rising within the first 3 to 4 years of their tenure. The employers are ready to pay them and provide increments, as they deserve the raise and such employees are looked upon as assets not as liabilities.

To be good at your job is not enough believes A. Harrison Barnes. There needs to be commitment coupled with skills. This shows to the employer that you have given yourself sufficient time to learn the business and enhance these skills. Such employees are looked upon within the organization. Employers recognize such individuals as pillars on which any organization can rely on. They bind the organization together and serve as a model for new employees to emulate.

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