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Sure, the job market is challenging these days and it might be your current position is anything but exciting and it might be as far removed from your education then you ever dreamed. Still, it’s important to remain determined and focused. The job market will improve and in fact, there are already strong indicators that the light at the end of the tunnel is drawing near. Keeping your resume current and your job search focused are crucial for moving away from your current situation and into a better career fit. A. Harrison Barnes reiterates this mindset, “Commitment shines through.” It’s that commitment that will be the determining factor on how soon you move into a job you’re better suited for and that will challenge you.

A respected career coach and founder of sites such as, A. Harrison Barnes knows all too well how the job market tends to ebb and flow. This, of course, is yet another reason to remain vigilant in your search for the right job. Those who use know the job openings are current and available. Maintained in real time, it is a powerful tool that enables those looking for new positions to find right career path and ensures they’re not chasing positions that are no longer available.

A recent trend is underemployment. It’s estimated nearly 18% of those currently employed are considered “underemployed”, meaning they’re currently in jobs that don’t allow them to use their education and is likely providing no challenge or they’re working part time hours when they desire full time work schedules. NPR refers to these situations as “survival jobs”, but they too recommend taking pride in whatever job one’s fortunate enough to find. Barnes agrees and advises those in these situations to remain focused and not become discouraged. It’s important to remember it’s only temporary. Those underemployed cite several reasons for taking any work that comes their way:

* Unemployment benefits aren’t enough to cover expenses
* Many feel being in the public keeps their minds occupied and keeps them out of the house, where they might otherwise dwell on their lack of a career in their chosen profession
* Their savings aren’t dwindling as fast when they’re working for any kind of income
* You never know when opportunity will present itself in the most unlikely of places

Let’s face it, these challenging times will speak strongly of our character and we can learn a lot about ourselves. We might discover we’re stronger than we realized and who knows, you might meet your next business partner that will become the other half of an extremely successful business in your chosen profession. Regardless, it’s important to not allow negativity to take over and cause doubt. Nothing is worse for a career than those emotions that serve no real purpose.

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