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If a person is working from home as a freelancer or on interior design jobs, one thing they know for sure is that there will be times feast, and there will be times of famine. The feast times are great because there’s more work coming in than a person knows what to do with it. However, those famine times make things really scary, and a person might question when to use their morals. It’s in these times that any source of money can be tempting, but a person has to ask themselves if it’s worth it to perform freelance work that is an unethical. They have to ask themselves if it’s worth it for them to maintain their reputation and values through ethical freelancing, and if they would turn down any work that is unethical?

Here are a few examples that can make a freelancer questioned themselves. For example, a person might find that they are tasked to do some freelancing work for a person who has a reputation as being a criminal, or has a dubious reputation of some sort. This person might need a freelancer, and will be willing to pay an enormous bonus for interior design jobs, or other jobs, as an incentive for wanting to work with them, because they know that many other people might not want to work with them. While the money might be tempting to a freelancer, the freelancer has to keep in mind that their professional and personal reputation will be at stake when they align themselves with the person who is known for having a dubious or dark reputation. The freelancer has to ask himself if a little cash infusion is worth it.

The second example that a freelancer might find themselves in is to be tasked to do some freelance work that is flat out against the law. The freelancer might find that they are in so much financial trouble, they might be facing being put out of their homes, or they’re hungry. However, they also have to ask themselves if participating in committing a crime is worth it. It never is but there could be times when a freelancer might have to do a crosscheck on their morals and values when it comes to accepting certain jobs, particularly interior design jobs.

The third example of instances where freelancer might have to question themselves is if they are cast for a job that they are not qualified for. This is especially true of those who are subcontracting for general contractors who work on homes, and other household projects. It’s very common for a contractor to hire subcontractors who have no licenses or certifications to perform the job they are being paid for. The freelancer has to ask themselves if they are fine with accepting money for jobs that they are not licensed for, not trained for, or not certified for. The fact is that if a homeowner for example hires people who are unlicensed, and if there is any damage to the home, then there is no legal recourse for the homeowner, and any warranties on that area of the home will be invalidated. While it’s up the homeowner to be responsible in who they are hiring, a freelancer has to ask themselves if they are okay with putting the homeowner in harm’s way.

The bottom line is that the freelancer has to decide, and be very firm on if they’re going to perform work in an ethical way, or align themselves with ethical people. Once they solidify this fact, than they can move forward, and if they find that they have times of famine in their freelance work, or in their interior design jobs, they will hopefully be able to find other means of work.

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