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Computers are a major part of today’s world, and they play an even larger role in the business world. Computers have replaced rolodexes, paper appointment schedulers and filing. Large corporations as well as small businesses have began utilizing computers for quicker, easier and more organized data tracking and their use undoubtedly makes the business day run more smoothly. With so many businesses making use of computers and their many means of software, knowledge of computers is essential to anyone in search of employment.

The Importance of General Computer Skills:
Most places of employment are fast paced and they want employees who won’t fall behind. However, it is easy to fall behind when you aren’t the least bit familiar with computers and at least the most frequently utilized software programs (such as Microsoft Word). When an employee doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to computer usage, others fall behind as well because they have to take the time to teach that employee the basics of computers. Most businesses are not willing to train employees who lack general computer skills; therefore they will not hire the job seeker whose resume fails to display such knowledge.

Businesses expect employees and candidates for employment to be able to turn a computer on and off, sign in and out of programs, enter data into a database, compose documents and create presentations, get online and navigate the Internet for use of email and research at the very least. Many particular positions and companies will also ask that employees and potential employees be familiar with more advanced computer programs and means of use (such as the latest computer operating systems, Excel, Access and PowerPoint).

Why a General Computer Skills Certificate Won’t Guarantee a Job?
Knowledge of computers is obviously helpful and even necessary to succeed in your search for employment, yet acquiring a general computer skills certificate won’t guarantee you a job. This is because employers expect candidates to possess general computer skills, and many who have this general understanding of computers didn’t acquire those skills through a training course unless they were veteran employees and received training through the company that new employees would not be afforded. Chances are if you use a computer at home you have these general skills. You can list the software programs and functionality you are familiar with on your resume and it would hold as much meaning as a certificate. However, if you don’t utilize computers in your daily life, like many veteran employees and job seekers, a general computer skills certificate can help you in your job searchand show employers that you are as competent as your competitors.

Get Ahead in Your Job Search and Place of Employment with General Computer Skills:
Whether or not you are going into a field that is directly related to computers, it is likely you will use them on a regular basis. There are many courses offered that teach general computer skills, as well as advanced skills and software specific courses and they are worth taking; they help obtain and sustain a job. Knowing computers well comes with the frequent use of them, but a general knowledge is all you need to get ahead in your Job Search and get your foot in a place of employment’s door.

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