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Recession has brought about a bad phase for the economy globally and has badly hit people. The United States of America is suffering the most from this recession. The economy of the country has plummeted. Both small and big companies and even major organizations have now ceased to exist now leading to mass unemployment. Few companies or firms have even frozen recruiting any more employees.

A job search is never easy but with recession; it has become even more difficult. For many job-seekers, searching for a new job has become a stressful experience. You have to put more efforts on a single search than ever before. At these times, you need to make a job search online. Be the member of websites that help you get a job of your choice. One just needs to follow some basic steps to ensure that you will grab a good job for yourself.

A. Harrison Barnes of suggests some very basic steps to help you through these troubled times. Keep a positive attitude towards getting a job of your choice. A positive candidate has a greater chance of securing the job which they are applying for than the candidates who have a negative mindset. In order to cut down on the negativity that surrounds you and tends to make you more depressed and diffident, you should try refreshing yourself by stepping out and immersing yourself in activities which will provide you with some mental solace. Always remember, prospective employers will eliminate the candidate who they think has a negative outlook towards situations. You should be confident with your approach; you have to have an outwardly positive approach to create an impact on the employers.

If you have been fired from your last job or are about to be laid off from your respective firms, you do have your options open. provides Rebounding after a Layoff Tutorial to help people who are very low in confidence due to their layoff.

One of the key things-to-do before you are laid off from your company is to build networks that will help you secure a better job. Talk to your friends and acquaintances and explain the situation. Schedule a meeting with your boss. Sit down with him and seek his help. Always stay in touch with co-workers who are close to you and who will provide positive references in case needed. Meet with the Human Resource department to ensure that you have all your important documents like appraisal reports and key personnel documents. Request a current accounting of all benefits including comp-days, pension funds and so on. Ensure that your resume is up to date with the latest information on your job specifications. Invest in hiring a professional resume writer since these are turbulent times. Always remember to safeguard all important data. Back up important data in a hard copy format and safely store the soft copy. Keep a detailed list of vendors and associated which you may have used in your previous jobs as this will help you hit the ground running in your new work place.

You should seek help from family and friends for support in such difficult times. Sharing your feelings will help you lower your stress level and will make you feel much better by giving you a much needed emotional boost.

A. Harrison Barnes also says that you should not always believe in what you see or hear. Sensational news on television can only make the situation sound worse. All the news is not true; In fact there are many firms or companies that are still recruiting. With the help of professionals, you can update your job search and actively seek these companies for potential opportunities. You can even try changing your field of work or industry, if your field does not have a larger employment scope or if you’ve had a bad experience in your own field. Doing this may help you search better jobs that will suit you and your interests.

A. Harrison Barnes asks you to increase your network contacts, keep a record of job leads, apply for the jobs and go for interviews. Optimizing your search through good job portals like EmploymentCrossing can help you secure jobs even during recession. This should be considered as a goal that is to be achieved almost daily. Set yourself daily goals. Try and focus on these goals and achieve them. The secret to a successful long term strategy in obtaining a rewarding job is to ensure that your daily goals add up in the larger picture.

Self presentation is extremely critical in your success of securing a good job as you need to market yourself in the best way. Employers are pleased with the way potential employees presents themselves. So make sure that you are at your best in front of the employer.

These small but vital steps will help you ease the stress and will ensure that you put your best foot forward during these tiring economic conditions.

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