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Any recruitment is the result of an employer having a bias over a candidate. Earlier this was not the phenomena when jobs were surplus. Candidates were solely judged on their merit and experience. However, with changing times, employers keep on looking at newer ways to eliminate candidates. The recruitment process has become more elimination than selection. One of the major areas that affect our immediate job prospects is the presence of a good resume.

A good resume rather defines the candidate for the employer. It is a testimonial of the candidate’s achievement rather than just being a simple CV. Therefore formatting the resume to suit the employer’s need – is the main priority that your resume must receive.

  • Relate your contributions: Employers love to scan and read between lines. They always seek candidates who have made valuable contributions to the environment they were once a part of. It does not actually matter whether the contribution is big or small. When preparing your resume for a particular job, try to relate your contributions with the position you’re applying to.
  • Impress: Using the magic of words, try to impress your employer once they go through your CV. A resume overview is always before the actual interview. Therefore what you need to do is to project yourself truthfully but in such a manner that the interviewer or the application sorter is impressed by your CV.
  • Focus on Strengths: Before starting to write your resume, try to list out your strengths and weaknesses. Define your strengths in the resume for your employer to understand you better. Try and avoid mentioning the weaknesses at all. If called for an interview, mask the weaknesses in such a way that they actually become less important than they actually are.
  • Don’t Lie: If you lie in your CV and your employer finds that out at a later period, you’ll be in all probability blacklisted. Not to mention the bad points you’ll earn in the process. People tend to go overboard with their list of achievements when writing down a resume. Don’t over-inflate your resume such that it actually looks kind of having received a Botox treatment!
  • Experience: Short summer training does not obviously translate to experience, but for a fresher it means a lot. Experience related to the job should find priority at the top of the list; also other experience can be mentioned lest they do not occupy a major part of your resume. Employers will scan through your resume for any related experience that might give them a reason to pick you over another candidate. Therefore use your experience listing in such a way that the employer reads your resume exactly the way they want to!
  • Expertise: Apart from merit and experience, comes another important thing that mainly differentiates candidates from one another is – expertise. With experience, you might have gained some expertise that puts you above the candidates who applied for the job. This will give your resume a big boost and a great reason to your employer to choose you. This is especially true in case of technical recruitments.

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