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EmploymentCrossing is a comprehensive job portal that highlights all the career options for you. There are more than 50,000 career web pages of employers in the United States with thousands of newspapers and job boards that publish new job openings. is headed by A Harrison Barnes who is the owner of this and many other job websites. He is of the opinion that you should make the most of your qualifications and experience, it is not humanly possible to locate all the jobs that are out there on your own. Employment Crossing offers their exhaustive network to tap the suitable jobs according to your requirements and pitch all the relevant job openings to the people and applicants out there.

Employment Crossing is different from all the other job search websites in the sense that they offer work opportunities that cater to your interest, are well paying for markets and industries and helps you get a job that is suitable for you in terms of location or relocation. A Harrison Barnes believes that this site is where careers are built everyday as are the lives of the applicants. Any other job site won’t give you opportunity for empowerment. Employment Crossing is supported by members and is not run and supported by advertisers who pay the site to post jobs there.

How is EmploymentCrossing different from other Job Search Engines?

There are a lot of aspects in which Employment Crossing varies from other web sites. First and foremost, employers are not charged for posting jobs here. A Harrison Barnes says that his site does not wait for the jobs to arrive to them; instead the research team goes all out to seek the opportunities that are available. Also, unlike most of other job portals, Employment Crossing makes use of available technology, as well as their own resources to track the jobs. When someone performs a search on the website, the results are not displayed on the basis of who pays them and who does not; in a nutshell, the website is not biased and treats everyone fairly. You can completely trust the website.

A lot of job sites often forget the goals they had started with. This is true for the most trusted names that promise to land you with better professions. What the companies actually do is, they charge the employers for posting jobs on their site and sometimes a single post can cost as much as $500. A lot of employers are not keen on spending so much money for the postings and thus, job seekers are faced with narrowed down choices. In the opinion of A Harrison Barnes, the employer is the ultimate sufferer; the same is true for potential job seekers as they are not even aware that such an opportunity exists.

Maximize your Resources with EmploymentCrossing

With the strategies of other job sites, in the final analysis, everyone loses. This is not so with Employment Crossing as here both employers and job seekers are informed about the latest updates and opportunities in the employment sector. Service is provided entirely free, whether the listings are made from employer websites or from job boards. The truth is, A Harrison Barnes offers you with a comprehensive list of jobs than any other website or job search engine. Moreover, Employment Crossing is a private website, meant for exclusive persons since only members are allowed access to their job openings and available opportunities.

A lot of members of Employment Crossing belong to the educated quota and are employed in high paying jobs. This helps as educated people know how to value research and they are aware of the fact that paying less than a dollar everyday enhances the value of their prospects. In fact, the services of A Harrison Barnes also help a lot of recruiting firms worldwide for exclusive research and reliance. Other job sites don’t offer you the advantages that Employment Crossing does. One of the important facts is that members are allowed better prospects of getting the jobs they are applying for.

Employment Crossing features a lot of jobs from regional employer websites and small publications with employers receiving an application form once in several months. A Harrison Barnes provides his services for people and not for advertisers. In fact, a lot of job search portals are qualitatively supported by advertisements and this necessitates their loyalty towards their investors. Employment Crossing works for members, not advertisers or clients. They have jobs from every imaginable source and this is where you can pursue the career you always wanted to have.

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