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When you are thinking of applying for a new job, this is knowledge that you should really keep to yourself. Many people who are looking for a new job before leaving the old one are acutely aware that their behavior could be considered disloyal, and this can result in several possibilities — from feeling bad to a very quick termination! When you are ready to start off a new job search, make sure that you know why you should maintain your privacy and what you can do to safeguard it. You are definitely not helpless when it comes to protecting yourself and it can make a huge difference!

First, you will find that if you are careless, word can quickly get back to your employer that you are looking for a new job. Because this is typically considered to be disloyal, you will find that it can make the reminder of your time there very unpleasant. Also remember that putting your resume online can actually contribute to this. Make sure that you consider where your work is and where it is likely to be seen. Similarly, you will find that identify theft is something that can happen to anyone. Always make sure that you never put your Social Security Number on any job application that you send in. This is really all that it takes for someone to steal your identity and to ruin your credit!

Happily enough though, you will find that there are plenty of things that you can do when you are thinking about maintaining your privacy even during a job search. For instance, make sure that you never put your date of birth, your driver’s license number, or your bank account or credit card information on a job application. Similarly, no one should ever need to ask for information like your Paypal account number, your mother’s maiden name, or your spouse’s name.

You should also look into making sure that you create emails that are specifically for your job search. This can make sure that the passwords and usernames that you use are unique; to top it, you will find that this allows you a greater division between your public and private life. Take a moment to consider where this could take you and what your needs might be. Remember that you should not use the same passwords and usernames that you do for your other sites. This will help you avoid spam and people who are phishing.

To make sure that no one is going to misuse your information, take a moment and research every company that you apply to work with. There are many people who are interested in your information; make sure that whoever is asking for it has a good reason to do so! Take a moment to research who they are and what they do, and also make sure that other people find them reputable. This is essential for you to move forward.

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