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Your success in a legal career depends on how good you are at your work. The key elements for the success of an attorney are hard work, dedication and sincere effort. You can expect success only if you work hard in every aspect of the law job as this is what will give you the best results and not luck. Most successful lawyers are at that position because of their hard work which they have put in. We need to understand the importance of networking in legal career. Good networking skills will surely add to success in your legal career as failure in maintaining and developing your network can be disastrous for your Legal Career.

Most attorneys are not aware of the fact that, successful attorneys today are in that position because of their strong networks. Networking is the most important tool that is used by lawyers to be successful in their legal careers. As per A. Harrison Barnes, owner of, you cannot succeed if you don’t have a good and strong network.

First of all, networking is a very effective tool for legal job search. It allows you access to information and details of potential opportunities that you would otherwise not have access to. It is used by job hunters to get access to the law job openings that are not advertised by the employer at any legal job search engine. As there are many employers who do not advertise their law job openings and would rather hire attorneys through their known or internal references. A. Harrison Barnes of says that you can be referred by any of your friends or acquaintances to these jobs. In this way networking can help you gain access to wider options in the law market.

Through good networking, you can also keep yourself updated with the latest information from the law industry, the developments in the legal market, the new clients who can provide you with good business and so on. This will help you achieve success in the legal career. A. Harrison Barnes believes that networks help you to get to know people who have the right information that can benefit your career and give you an upper hand.

Your network should comprise of people beyond your friends and family and should also comprise of mere acquaintances. They are the ones who can help you get jobs and provide you with information not readily available about the legal industry. Thus to know about potential opportunities, you have to be in touch with people outside your friends and family. People who fail to create a network fail to get access to quality law jobs. With this lack of good opportunities, they cannot have a good legal career and their dream of a successful legal career will always remain a dream says A. Harrison Barnes.

Another belief was that only hard work can help you achieve the desired result. It is true that hard work is one of the factors. One needs to realize that hard work does not only mean performing your tasks at office with full efforts but also working hard to develop a network that can provide you critical information which is necessary to take important decisions. Networking at work involves your clients, your colleagues and your acquaintances.

A. Harrison Barnes says that it is through a good network that the attorneys can grab the attention of the media and also of other attorneys both within and outside their firm. You will be known in the legal industry, if you have a good network. This is the primary way in which attorneys come to know of potential competitors and know which alliances will prove useful in the long run. Such decisions will help gain success as lawyers often collaborate and help each other for mutual benefits.

As a lawyer you may have to deal with situations where you need help from someone who is specialized in a particular area of law and at this point if you have an effective network then your work can be easily done. This is when attorneys realize the advantages of networking and the career benefits it offers.

Networking is important both within your law firm and outside it. This is essential for you to survive in the legal field for years. Networking is the most important factor which will help you in your long term success in the legal industry. You need to practice and hone these skills to achieve your goal and your dream of a successful legal career.

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