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A new Fox Business study reveals women are incredible small business owners.  There are those of us who have known this for years, now, however, the whole world knows too!  A. Harrison Barnes agrees, “Women have always been organized, detail oriented and on top of exactly what their business means not only to them on a personal level, but to their employees and their communities”.

The study says women business owner contribute $3 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy each year.  Further, these businesses employ 16% of the American workforce.  The research goes on to say that over the next eight years, another 5.5 million jobs will be created – all courtesy of the woman entrepreneur.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that’s more than half of the jobs expected to be created by all small businesses during this time frame.

So should job seekers be looking to those businesses that have women at the helm?  Maybe, says the founder.  Barnes says women are more comfortable with the socializing aspect of running their businesses.  They’re more visible on the web, courtesy of social networking sites, and they’re more willing to take risks.  That’s not to say, Barnes points out, that they don’t carefully consider their risks before taking them; they do their homework and prepare for every calculated risk taken to grow their businesses.  A. Harrison Barnes takes it a step further, “Women business owners tend to believe in the potential of their employees and will work to ensure their workers’ strong points surface”.

And while it’s true women feel they must be more aggressive in their efforts, there is a trend that suggests women have grown tired of playing “the bad guy” and they’ve grown frustrated with some of the less than kind labels that accompany a successful woman.  Enter the more assertive, though less aggressive, woman of the 21st century.
Barnes says his job site,, has many clients who are women and are running very successful businesses.  These are the ones that approach bringing new employees on board with an open mind – and an open heart.  For the first time in many years, women entrepreneurs aren’t apologizing for the softer sides of their business selves.  They thrive on collaborative efforts, they want to be respected but not feared.  They want their accomplishments acknowledged for what they truly are and not because it’s the politically correct thing to do.  In short, women are beginning to write their own rule books and isn’t it about time?

One reason we’re seeing more businesses owned by women is because they’ve thrown out the traditional play books and instead, are doing things their way and this new approach is paying off, as seen by these latest numbers and trends.  So as the company continues to recover from this latest recession, the new face of business is emerging – stronger and more confident than ever.

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