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Many of us have come to know how well part time positions can fit in with our busy lives. What began as just a temporary fix until we could find a full time job in the recession quickly became a viable solution that solved a host of problems. Suddenly, it occurred to us two part time positions allowed us the same, if not more, income and because our schedules were a bit more flexible, we realized time for family became easier to find, too.

There is a way of searching for those part time job openings. Beginning with is your first step. The site, founded by career coach A. Harrison Barnes, it’s the ideal solution for both employers and job seekers. Full of advice for those struggling in a tough economy, tips on dressing for the interview and even how to write a gracious thank you letter are just a few of the many articles you’ll find in the extensive database. And did we mention there are no ads? None at all, says Barnes. Barnes reminds those seeking these job opportunities to treat the job search with the same importance as you would a full time dream job. There’s no reason to relax your professional look either; along with your physical appearance, you still need to prepare mentally and show up armed with the knowledge gained from doing your homework and research. After all, many part time positions and even temporary positions evolve into those full time dream positions. In fact, it happens more often than you might think. So, to get you fired up for your interview, consider these points:

So show up armed with exactly what you need – including well thought out answers to potential questions, a sparkling resume ( can help with this, too) and do your research on the company you’re interviewing with. Prepare yourself. A. Harrison Barnes says not being prepared or not interested enough in a company to at least know a few details is interview suicide. You’re wasting your time and the interviewers, as well.

Dress appropriately! This sounds like common sense, but many will opt for a more casual look simply because they’re interviewing for a part time position. This is a no brainer for many, but in today’s tight job market, tiny details that might could have been overlooked a year ago are being closely scrutinized. Employers are faced with several “likeable” interviewers, so they’re looking for the one imperfection that will serve as justification for choosing one likeable person from another.

Finally – follow up with a thank you note! Five words to keep in mind: It’s a tight job market.

Taking pride in one’s work has never been more important than in today’s economy. Dress appropriately, respect the position – especially because it’s part time, show interest and follow up. After all, opportunities present themselves in the most surprising ways.

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