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In today’s society we all require a job to survive. We have families, bills, rent payments, and mortgages to tend to; so, naturally we strive to stay employed. When we are not employed, finding employment is a top priority. In other words, when you don’t have a job, searching for one becomes your job. Getting motivated is the easy part, as the urge to be able to provide once again sets in, but prioritizing for your job search may not have crossed your mind. However, planning out your job search is of the utmost importance. Not only will it help you prepare and find a job more quickly, but it will also help you find the job that best suits you.

Too often unemployed individuals rush to replace a job lost, looking up classified ads and wasting employers’ time as well, only to end up searching for a job again. In the long run, this leads to missing out on real job opportunities. Another problem in settling for stop gap jobs is what you bring to the company, or the lack thereof. If you are unhappy at your place of employment it shows, and it will undoubtedly affect the company. Follow these easy steps to ensure that your next job search is possibly your last.

Know What Kind of Job You Want The best way to find something is to know and understand what it is you are looking for. What kind of job would you be happiest working at? Is there a particular area you are educated in, or have previous experience in? Maybe there is an area you have always been interested in, but never had the opportunity to work in. Now is the time to re-evaluate your skills and interests so that you can find a job you can contribute to, and be fulfilled in, as well.

Discuss your Job Search Priorities with Family If you have a family that relies on your income, it is important to include them in yourjob search plans. Discuss and determine what kind of jobs fit your family’s needs versus what you want to do for a living this time around. For example, you may be interested in a job that does not pay well enough to support your family. If this is the case, budget planning may help everyone reach an agreement. While your family is a major priority, never allow them to push you into accepting a job you will be unhappy with. Consider them in all aspects of your job search that may affect them, such as salary and possible relocations, but keep in mind that the ultimate decision is yours.

Beginning the Journey Towards Your Job Starting over is never easy, but is part of the process of a job search. If needed, rework your resume and cover letters. Then, begin a job search that strictly sticks to the fields you are interested in. Check your local papers, visit online career sites, and contact companies of interest directly-if you know any-to inquire about employment.

The place you are at in between jobs can be a difficult one, but be patient and your perfect position will come along!

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