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Dam construction for the purpose of holding back water is one of the mammoth job of construction. Dams help in driving water wherever it is needed. Be it for irrigation purpose, helping to keep floods under control, or generating power. There are many different ways to create dams like arch-gravity, timber, embankment dams, masonry etc. Commonly used materials in dam construction will include rocks, concrete, steel and wood. The techniques of dam construction have evolved through the years and become more advanced; so much so that old dams require structural update. A survey to bring all US dams to the current standards was estimated to be around $40 billion. If this updating process is carried out, job as construction worker will become an item in demand and career in construction will be on the boom again.

Dam Construction Using Roller Compacted Concrete
Dams are built to last for hundreds of years and so it is important that use of proper material is made in their construction. This will ensure that they remain protected from all natural calamities like earthquakes, erosion, floods etc. Here a commonly heard term and material called roller compacted concrete comes into picture. Roller compacted concrete commonly known as RCC is a mix of concrete with same ingredients as normal concrete but with different ratios. It is drier and contains no slumps. It is a new product and was first used in 1980′s for dam construction. After that this material has been used effectively for the construction of many new dams plus in repairing hundreds of other dams. Roller compacted concrete is best suited for dam’s job construction because of its cost efficiency, time of construction and good performance.

Other benefits of using RCC in dam construction
Not only does this material protect the dams from natural calamities; it also helps to keep water from running over the top of the dam. By the year 2020, majority of the dams in USA will be around 50 years old. At this time it is essential to renovate them and make them meet up to the current safety standards. At this time, roller compacted concrete will become very useful for all job in construction of such dams.

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