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There are many traditional ways to search for a job or for an opportunity that suits you the best. You can either look for it on job portals or you can search for it on government websites, association websites and on employer’s website. These mentioned options are very effective and are tried and tested. They definitely produce results but they ask for huge investment of your time and efforts. You need to be very patient while using these methods as it takes a longer time to produce the desired result.

But the most effective way to look for job, according to the owner of A. Harrison Barnes, is through networking. has been created to help candidates who are looking for the right kind of a job. They help make the search for a new opportunity easier by bringing in hard to find job openings into their database. They collect these job openings by searching through job portals, checking out employer’s website all over the world and also look for such opportunities in associations’ website and government websites. Their efforts are not limited to helping you search for the right job alone. They take it a step further by using their networks to bring in the right kind of jobs for their clients.

There are many companies who prefer to recruit through their employee’s references or their own internal sources. Thus the researchers of A. Harrison Barnes’s Employment ensure that their clients do not lose any job opportunity that is available in the job market. For this very purpose, they use their networks to reach out to such companies and get the job opening available with them for their very own clients. They make sure that their clients get access to these exclusive and hard to find job openings. They make the best use of their network to achieve their target of providing every deserving candidate the job of their choice and requirements.

But the problem is that Employment Crossing is not made for every job seeker. The level of services that they offer to their clients asks for initial investments and thus not everyone can afford it or would wish to pay for it. A. Harrison Barnes says that you can use your family and friends as effective networking tools. You can draw information and contacts from them. This will further help you in your search for the right job to enhance your career. There are even many online sites that provide you help in creating your own online network. This way you can reach out to people who can either recommend you or can provide you with contacts who can further refer you to an employer. Thus you can create a chain of communication which will effectively help spread the word.

But as what A. Harrison Barnes believes, these ready to use networking opportunities may not be very effective. In such a position you are left with only one option i.e. a job club. It not only helps you increase your network of contacts but also acts as a support structure for you. The members of the club can provide you with the needed encouragement and support especially during these times of economic recession.

Job clubs are also known as networking clubs says A. Harrison Barnes. They do not have a strict hierarchy but they adhere to a set of rules that are decided by the members of the club. These clubs are basically formed by people who have a common thread between them. They can be either a group of homemaker who wish to return to the professional work or can be the people who have been downsized by the same firm. They can also be friends living in the same community or can be unemployed college graduates. Even the people who have a common goal of getting employed can form these job clubs.

These job club members are support systems. They provide encouragement to their members along with the required support. People who are shy or who are insecure as they do not have a job will definitely receive help from these job clubs. Other club members provide support and encouragement during these phases of life. It will help a person emerge from this phase of depression that is very likely to set in during the job search.

These job clubs are extremely effective and helpful in your Job Search. If you are a part of any of such job club then you are definitely helping yourself in your search feels A. Harrison Barnes.

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