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Think all you need is a law degree in the legal sector? You might want to rethink that. Today, attorneys are expected to know a little about a lot – while also being a master in all things legal. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of and an attorney with broad experience, says there are other skills that go hand in hand with your Legal CareerLegal Career. While paralegals and legal secretaries all play a role in a law firm’s office, bottom line: the finished product falls on your shoulders.

So what are these ten skills? Keep reading:

  1. Negotiation:  That’s right, those who can negotiate and play hard ball in the world of business stand to negotiate quite the salary for themselves in the process. And you thought a hard line approach was only for the courtroom!  Every business needs a fearless leader and those who have mastered the delicate balance between aggressive and assertive have a big advantage.
  2. Analysts: Have a way of improving a company policy? Strong analytical skills always have, and always will be in big demand.
  3. Ability to Maintain Costs: You don’t necessarily have to be a penny pincher, but if you spot a way for the company to save thousands a year in travel expenses, you can be sure those skills are always appreciated, says A. Harrison Barnes.
  4. Supply Chain Management: Keeping up with where a need file for an upcoming case is crucial and while it’s true it usually falls on the secretary to keep up with these details, you never know when a family emergency prevents your secretary from being in the office. You need to know how to track those packages.
  5. Wordsmith: Ah, the writer – those who can easily tell the secretaries when “who” is appropriate or if a sentence requires “whom” are always the unsung heroes in the legal world. Don’t assume those writing rules, including MLA and APA formats, were left on the field after walking off with your law degree.
  6. Project Managers: Those who can rein in a team of thirty and never miss a beat and never go over budget are answered prayers to law firms
  7. Multi-Tasking: There’s something to be said for those capable of simultaneously scheduling flights, coordinating meetings and running interference for the senior partners. It’s the coordinated and cool-under-pressure employee that never misses a beat.
  8. Number Crunchers: Can you work magic with numbers, er…legal magic, that is? If you can divide 612 by 95 in five seconds flat, your skills are definitely in demand.
  9. Public Relations: If you’re the one who can pull off those brilliant press releases that announce less than perfect news, all the while compiling it to read as though it’s good news, you’re a lawyer in big demand.
  10. Computer Know it all: If a pesky virus doesn’t upset you, and if you can eradicate it in its entirety, then odds are, you’re the company hero.

So you see, even if you are a brilliant legal mind it’s not all inclusive. The more you know the bigger in demand you are…even with those skills that have nothing to do with your brilliance in a courtroom. You may already have those skills that are in big demand. And if you’re looking for a new firm to show off those legal skills, consider the platform. It’s your one source for finding the right law firm to make your mark. Your goal is to put forth your best resume that lets potential employers know your strong points.

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