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The dream of every graduate is to secure the best job to enhance his career. In order to achieve their dreams they give their very best while searching for such a rewarding job. They search on all the job boards, websites of government and the associations and also the employers. They spend hours searching and ultimately their efforts bear fruit. But this is not the final step in the progress to achieve one’s dream. They have a big stepping stone to cross in order to realize their dreams. And this stepping stone is the interview which they need to give in order to secure that opportunity. This is the most important and crucial step that needs to be cleared to get the attorney job which you have been searching for.

A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of, defines an interview as face to face communication between the interviewer and the interviewee which is required to assess the attitude, the views and the ideas of the interviewee. The interview process also allows the interviewee to observe how well is he/she is performing and how the interviewer is responding to the answers given.

This is why it is taken as a test of both the communicators who are engaged in the interaction. It tests the intelligence, personal qualities, character and intelligence of both the parties. And with the feedback that is received, they can prepare themselves in a better way for the future. Both the parties make decisions after this process- the candidate decides on whether he/she should accept the offer whereas the interviewer decides whether the candidate is to be appointed or not.

Since you are now aware of the importance of this process, you need to prepare yourself before you go ahead with an interview. A. Harrison Barnes’s Employment is one such website that not only helps you search a good opportunity and prepare the legal resume and cover letters but also lets you prepare for the interview which is extremely vital. The recruiters at this firm are experienced attorneys and hence are the best position to help you with the legal questions you will face during an interview.

You have thoroughly prepared for the interview so that you can make an indelible first impression in the legal employer’s mind and your profile is able to stand out amongst your competitors. In order to do so understand some basic steps and follow them, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Be Confident

The first and the foremost thing which is tested during an interview is your confidence. You should be very confident in your approach towards the interview and to the questions posed by the interviewer. Do not display a lack of energy and neither should you display overconfidence. Your confidence is the most important thing that catches the eye of an interviewer. They do not wish to meet candidates who are suffering from either low confidence or brimming with over confidence. Overconfidence may lead you to commit mistakes purely because you think you know the answer; however it can turn out that the answer which you were confident about is the wrong or misleading answer. This will not create a favorable image in the mind of the interviewer.

Presentation Catches the Eye of the Interviewer

You need to present yourself in the best possible manner. Your presentation should help you distinguish yourself from the other potential applicants for the same position. This can be best done with a help of a good and a potent legal resume and cover letter. Prepare your legal resume and the cover letter in a way that it catches the eye of the employer and creates a good impression about your capabilities, recommends A. Harrison Barnes. Employment Crossing’s recruiters can help you prepare a resume which is professional and which will catch the eye of the interviewer. Since the recruiters at Employment Crossing are experienced attorneys, they will help you to write a professional resume to create that ever lasting impression on the mind of the interviewer.

Basic Preparations before an Interview

The way you present yourself as an individual also makes a difference according to A. Harrison Barnes. Ensure that you look as perfect as your resume and the cover letter. They will not hesitate to point shortcomings in any candidate with respect to their attire, make-up or the jewelry, unpolished shoes, and so on. They are expecting to interact with a professional. Being a professional is not only about qualifications and experience. It is also about the way you groom yourself.

Practice before going for the Interview

Before going for any interview, take the help of your family and friends to prepare for the same. A. Harrison Barnes says that this process will help you identify your shortcomings well before the interview and will allow you ample time to rectify them. The practice of preparing for the interview will help you perfect your approach towards the interview. The legal employer will come to a conclusion that you have done your homework well and will have a good impression of your candidature.

Under no circumstances should you panic. This is the first sign of a nervous candidate or of a candidate who lacks self confidence. Take deep breaths in case you are faced with a difficult situation. Keeping a calm mind will help you have a relaxed communication with the legal employer.

A. Harrison Barnes says that the above simple steps will definitely succeed you to reach to your dreams. You need to understand that the interviewer is trying to assess if you are the perfect candidate for his organization. Put your best foot forward and you will definitely taste success.

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