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Today, the job search process is no more an easy task to be in the career of your dreams. You have to work extremely hard in looking for the right job to zero in on your desired career. You have to give your time, put in your hard work, make some extra effort, perform with full efficiency, manage all information that you receive and above all, you need to be patient.

Job search process is also a procedure where you need to look after every small detail that can help you get a job that will be good for your entire career. The details that you need to take into consideration includes – your requirements, your goals, contacts, job interview schedules, updating your resume and much more.

Manage your job hunt

It is very important to manage your job search and to be able to respond immediately to job openings that you are qualified for. Again when you receive inquiries from employers, you must handle them carefully and also keep a tab on jobs you’ve applied to and contacts you have reached out to.

All these gain importance if the job search is done during an economic slow down. You have to be more efficient in managing your job search procedure. The failure or success of job search will ultimately affect your entire career which will further have its influence on your daily life. A. Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer of, is of the view that job search is much more than what you think.

It is not limited to job search, preparing resumes and writing cover letter and applying for the jobs. You have to remember that job search today is very competitive because of the difficult condition of the job market. The number of job openings is less than the number of people applying for those jobs. So you can understand how important it has become to manage your job search in such a way that you don’t leave a single loop hole in it. You need to work hard on creating a lasting impression in the mind of the recruiter, networking contact and on the employer, says Barnes.

Register with a job portal

A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you need to do your homework; pre-plan your job search method and move according to it. If you have decided to register with any job search engine then make sure that you are using the best job portal in the market. is one of the best job search portal. The team of consists of more than 40 experts. They are at your service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. has a huge database with jobs from all over the world and it is updated daily.

The best part of working with is that you have your own recruiter appointed to you. The person will help you in every way you want. In fact, it is their duty to provide you with every service related to getting the perfect job for your career. They analyze your needs and then help you with suggestions on how to look for jobs. They guide you from creating an eye catching resume to landing your dream job. The experts very well understand the importance of a resume and make sure that they leave no loophole in the resume to impress an employer while applying for a job. They even prepare your cover letter and send it along with the resume to the employer you are interested to work with. Apart from this, they help you deciding the right job for your career and your life. Thus it is highly recommended by Barnes that you use for your job search.

Internet tools

You can even take the help of the Google Tools and Microsoft Outlook to help you manage your job search, says A. Harrison Barnes. If you are going for an online job search then you can take the help of calendar, correspondence and contacts that can be accessed through any computer. Using applications of Google makes you work really easy. You can upload the documents from your computer or create a new document on the web site with the help of Google Documents.

You can even use Microsoft Outlook Address Book to keep a daily record of your contacts and also the Calendar which will help you track the actions you have taken in your search for a new job. You even have the option to set reminders, says A. Harrison Barnes.

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