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Many get scared of working in a new job because people are not aware and don’t have access to important aspects of the new job. If you are capable, there is nothing to feel scared about. Staying informed makes one confident as one knows what to expect from the job. Information that you must have before you join any job is your job role and responsibilities, about the company and company policies. Other than being informed ones must have a friendly attitude and keenness to learn new things as this will help you get along well at new place of work.

According to A. Harrison Barnes of, apart from knowledge about the job and having suitable qualification, there are many skills that you must possess to succeed in new job. He also says that one should not think that only intelligent people can have success in their new jobs. There are number of people who have not scored well or were mediocre students but have gained success in life and in the career. He has got the chance of working with successful people – highly educated people and also with people who never either finished high school or can barely speak English, and also with people who came to the United States from other countries and have ended up being very successful. One just needs to follow some rules to be as successful as others.

The most successful people according to A. Harrison Barnes are those who are very good listeners. In any organization the best listeners are the ones who have succeeded the most. They use their intelligence well; they ask right questions to right people and get the information required. This helps them to know what exactly do they need to do i.e. who should they need to stay close to and who they should stay away from. The information gathered by the listeners help them in knowing what work is expected from them, who to avoid and what the people for whom they are working like the best. Thus, listening and getting enough information from the employer or potential employer is very crucial. He further says that a good listener always ends up doing the best and gets ahead. An employer will never hire someone who does not take the time to understand what the job is all about.

One should very well research about the firm; one should understand what the firm needs or what its requirement is. When the company is providing a job one has to understand what the job is all about. One should make it very clear to the interviewee that he/she is very much interested in the job. Sometimes one goofs up saying things that are not suitable during the interview. A. Harrison Barnes says that it is a very basic thing but this is where most of the candidates screw up. Many people mess up everything at the last moment. Hence, sometimes in spite of having a good resume and all settled to get the offer letter, certain words and statements spoken without thought spoil everything. For example, if a candidate for the position of senior copywriter whose work involves writing says during the interview that he was not interested in writing anymore rather wanted to walk around and supervise the younger writers in the company, this would prove against him.

It is very important to understand what your job is. One should ask relevant questions from the beginning of the interview which will help one to succeeding getting a good impression on the interviewee. One will able to speak what the interviewee is looking for, and not something that they do not wish to hear. One should do everything one can to get the job.

One can gather this information from the advertisements that one sees for the job. And should ask a lot of questions about what the job requires, if possible. It is also important to keep in mind that good listeners are the most successful ones. Excellent listening is very essential for one to move ahead.

A. Harrison Barnes suggests that one must keep on gathering information not only at the interview but also after joining the company. You never know what is expected and required, when you are in a new job. Thus knowing about it is necessary for success. There are people who can give information regarding what to do to attain success. All you need to do is to understand every piece of information about the job.

With all the right information, you must also know to judge people well especially when you are new in an organization. The way you conduct with seniors and juniors is also important as per A. Harrison Barnes. You must be polite and courteous and must try not to be rude under any circumstances. Staying positive and not crumbling under pressure situations is also important. One must always speak to colleagues and seniors if there is any problem and get clarification rather than staying quiet and getting tensed. With the right information and a friendly and responsible behavior, you will surely succeed in a new job.

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