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Los Angeles which is a city of the state of California, USA has much to offer. Covering an area of 469.1 square miles, Los Angeles is a hilly coastal plain. It has the Pacific Ocean on both its southern and western side. With practically 57% of the region’s population falling within a working age group, the area is vibrant with lots of job opportunities.

And if you are sitting at one of the cyber cafes in the region wondering where these opportunities are and why they seem to be in hiding from you, then probably the answer is that you have been looking at all the wrong places!

Have you tried searching the net for sales jobs available in Los Angeles? What you had not for you thought they weren’t remunerative enough? Probably you had not taken help from the right source. Let me assist you by jotting down top ten sales jobs in Los Angeles that will be willing to pay you at least a 100k!

1.      The company Astor and Black Custom Clothiers is offering the post of Sales Representative for High-End Custom Clothier. All you will need to do for this job is extensive networking. Call up your clientele or meet them, but do not forget to tell them about your company’s finest custom made clothing.

2.       The company Merchant Relief Council is offering the post of Client Services Manager. Your job in this company will be maintain day to day contact with your clients in order to assist the small and middle sized merchants by supervising and reducing the high end fees that the major credit card processors charge.

3.      The company Master Mentors Inc is offering the job for the post of Regional Sales Manager. Any person with an entrepreneurial mindset with a driven attitude and a quick analytical capability with a desire to earn a 6 figure income can apply for the post of a sales manager of a region.

4.      The company THG Sports, Inc is offering the job of national sales executive for their Los Angeles office. Since this company excels at providing C-Level corporate hospitality during major international sports event, you are expected to have commendable command over your communication skill to make an impression and a successful sales deal.

5.      The company XPDEX is offering the job for the post of Outside Sales Representative. In this job you are essentially to discharge the duties of a Packaging Sales Representative i.e. discuss with your client about how to address their packaging needs.

6.      The company Parature, Inc. is offering the post of Accountant Executive which means they are on the lookout for driven, motivated and experienced persons capable of initiating strategic CRM moves.

7.      The company Certified Payment Processing is offering the job of Outside Sales Executive, which implies that they require people who are good with selling the wide range of products and services that this company has to offer such as credit and debit card processing etc.

8.      The company Home Base USA, LLC is offering the job for the post of inside sales agent. This means that for job will require you to work from home-base. All you need to apply for this post is experience pertaining to cold calling and sales.

9.      The company is offering a job for the post of national sales manager which means your job will be all about good internet marketing abilities.

10.  The company Electronic Payment Systems is offering the job for the post of Account Executive Sales which means you will be working in the financial industry for your sales job.

So next time anyone tells you that there is no sales jobs in Los Angeles or that there is no sales employment in Los Angeles, prove them wrong with your trivia about the top 10 100k sales jobs in Los Angeles. Finding out top 10 100k  sales jobs should no longer pose to be a problem!

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