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Do you remember the first time you looked for a fashion job? If so then you may remember instances where you came across jargon that proved to be a little confusing to you. At the time, you may not have though of it but you do remember the slight confusion you had to deal with.

Now, let’s jump ahead to the present. You may be involved in the fashion industry in a public relations capacity or in the human resources department. It may be your role to educate others in the office about jargon. You might even have to use jargon when issuing information towards those outside of the industry.

This does raise a common problematic issue: some people do not understand jargon. It can be confusing and troubling for many to fathom. This is why effective training is needed when instilling the proper way of using jargon in the office. Don’t worry about the process being difficult. You can follow a few simple strategies to ensure jargon is learned effectively. Once this is done, it can be used effectively. And that would be the goal you seek in the office.

Here are three simple tips on how to teach jargon in the office:

• Compile a list of the common jargon terms used in the performance of a fashion job. Be sure they are spelled correctly and, in parentheses, you can add the phonetic spelling. Next to the word you will want to provide a clear definition for the jargon. This would provide a glossary to people in dire need of one to learn the basics of the industries jargon. This may sound like a lot of work but it is not. You could probably compile the list on a word document in a half hour or less.

• Be sure that the employees in the office can actually pronounce the jargon terms properly. Jargon is not only written it is spoken…to the chagrin of many. Having employees read jargon out loud and correcting any flaws would be the right strategy to follow. This way, confusion levels about using jargon are reduced.

• It may seem silly on the surface but you can employ written and oral test to ensure the jargon is understood. No, you will not punish anyone if they do not pass the test. The sole purpose of the test is to determine whether or not the info is being effectively understood. If it is not, you can identify the training deficiency and address it.

While not so much a tip about using jargon, it is best to instill the notion jargon should only be used when necessary. Again, you do not want to fuel confusion and jargon is known for causing confusion. With jargon, you need to use it at the appropriate point or else serious problems can arise.

Using jargon in the context of a fashion job is a little tricky. However, if you address the issues surrounding training people in the use of jargon, you will limit the potential problems it can cause.

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