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When we discuss unpaid internships we can say that they are worse than the entry level computer jobs because even they are paid the minimum wages whereas there are absolutely no returns involved in unpaid internships. This makes the labour activist wonder at times if unpaid internships are legal at all or not. In Oregon employers are fined for having such unpaid interns and exploiting them to work for free. Due to recession in the last couple of years, job openings became scarce for youngsters and the unpaid internships increased. This led to the cause of concern for federal and state regulators as employers illegally use these internships for utilising free labour. Interns are often afraid to file complaints as they don’t want to lose the current job in anticipation of future permanent employment.

Internships include minimal jobs as well as are highly educative to get good jobs

An internship can lead to very high paying jobs as entry level computer engineer, entry level computer science jobs, etc. And then there are minimal jobs as entry level computer jobs which an internship can earn you. But the problem is that not all students can afford to work for free. Students need to be educated on the laws regarding internships. Many employers fail to pay even if their internships do not comply with the six federal legal criteria which need to be satisfied for unpaid internships. These criterions state that an unpaid internship has to be like a training given in a vocational school or academic institution. The intern should not displace full time paid workers and the employer cannot derive any immediate advantage from such interns.

Maintaining a balance

Many colleges try and accept low-income students so that the economic mobility increases. But still many administrators say that growth in unpaid internships ruins this effort by favouring well-connected students. And unfortunately that speeds up their career ladder and the less privileged are left out. Entry level computer jobs are considered as an alternative for low income jobs.

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