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Finding a good job is difficult enough without stressing over whether or not your resume is error free and is the absolute best is can be. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach, lawyer and founder of says there are many things to consider and you may find yourself wondering what to include and what to leave out of an effective legal resume. Whether you’re searching for a legal secretarial position, a paralegal job or if you’re looking to spend the summer working alongside a judge via an internship, your resume can make or break you. This is where the incredible team of writers who are part of the network can really make a big difference in how your resume presents. You won’t have to worry about whether complete sentences are necessary, if a cover letter is still a good idea or a dated trend and other important elements of an excellent resume.

And yes, says the founder, it can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you’ve not even graduated college yet. It’s all so new and while family members and friends mean well, this really is one of those times in life when the experience of a professional can make or break your efforts, such as the one available through

Find answers to all your questions:

1. Does the service offer any guarantees? 2. How long has our team of writers been a part of the family? 3. What kind of legal experience does the team have? 4. Are we a full service company? Will they provide help with writing the perfect cover letter or thank you letters? By the way – the answers are yes and yes. 5. Do we offer services to help you submit your job resume? 6. Are we available around the clock? 7. Is our website helpful? Does it include helpful articles, tips and ideas for maneuvering the job market?

We know how stressful and even frustrating job searches can be. Our team of trained professionals works diligently to ensure each resume is carefully compiled and highlights your special achievements – all with the end result of getting your credentials to the top of the stack. Even in a competitive job market, there are many excellent positions available and we can help you locate them.

So browse our site, take a look at our services and read our many career articles. Our success rate is high and you’ll not find the extensive library of job strategies, tools and interview tips anywhere else. You’ve worked hard for your education, let us show you how hard we work to ensure your education serves its purpose now. The board aggregates jobs from every legal profession to be had. We offer more jobs than any of our competitors and unlike them, our jobs are available in real time.

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