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In the current state of our economy, it may seem as if you are physically incapable of landing a job in your current town or city. If your job search has been unsuccessful, it may be time to consider relocation in your job search. You have two options when it comes to relocation: you can choose to move and then find work, or secure employment and then move your belongings to the new location. Both situations have their advantages and disadvantages, however; relocating may not be the answer.

Relocation cannot be an easy way out of a tight situation. Everyone is in the same boat; there are millions of unemployed Americans fighting for the same position. Moving to a new state or town may seem like the golden ticket, however; you may simply be unemployed in a new town. There are times when relocation becomes a reality. Factors that can influence relocation include your geographical area, what industry you are in, and where you have resources.

Your job search may be unsuccessful due to your geographic area. It is important to research areas that have morejob openings and a lower unemployment rate. If you live in an area where few jobs exist, it may be time to relocate to an area that has more job openings. Your industry can determine whether relocation is necessary. For example, everyone is hurting in the automotive industry and it will likely be the same in another city. However, if you are in the technology sector and are looking for jobs in Idaho, there may be more jobs in Silicon Valley.

If you happen to have friends, family, and other relatives living in different areas of interest to you, considers expanding your job search to those regions. If possible, use your family member’s local address when applying for jobs far away. Most employers will skim over your application and not even consider those out of state. Very few employers are willing to pay for relocation expenses, and they do not want to bother with the logistics involved. If you cannot use a local address, state that you have family in that town that you can stay with.

Relocation is a valid strategy to secure employment, however; make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions. Just because an unemployment rate is lower somewhere else, it does not mean that you have a better chance at getting a job. Consider social and cultural factors before deciding to relocate, such as the median income, cost of living expenses, population, race and ethnicity variation, and traditions.

On the contrary, relocation can be a good thing for you and your family. Often times we are burnt out when searching for employment. Relocating allows you to have a fresh start, meet new people, and ultimately find a new job. Relocating for the right reason, and to the right area, is vital for a successful future. Ensure that you have exhausted all of your local resources before beginning a wider job search.

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