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With so much emphasis in the past two years about social networking, blogging seems to have fell to the wayside. Unfortunately, many lawyers are missing out on excellent sources of public relations, says A. Harrison Barnes, a fellow attorney and blogger. A blog gives potential clients a look into your firm’s specialties and even the personalities that define your team of legal experts. And while there is a certain degree of “free advice”, if your blog brings in a single new client each quarter, then it’s proven a valuable investment. Not only that, says the founder, but blogs are free to set up. It can be linked to your website, your Facebook page or other areas of high visibility on the internet.

Too busy to actually compile the blog on a regular basis? Consider approaching your secretary. Even if she’s swamped during the day and has no time to work on blog entries at the office, you might consider offering her an additional $50 a week if she’s willing to compose a few blogs a week after she’s left the office. Some will jump on the opportunity, but it’s also possible your secretary will prefer to leave work at the office and now allow it to follow her home. If that’s the case, there are many experienced freelance writers who can quickly compose blogs, complete with keywords to bring in the traffic, for an affordable rate.

Not sure what your topics should cover? Actually, says A. Harrison Barnes, this is where creativity comes in handy. If you’re a divorce or family law attorney, there’s no shortage of high profile divorces in the news. These can be a spring board for your own blog. You might make points that you believe will be important in the case. If you specialize in mergers and acquisitions, you’re surely already aware of the latest global take over. Use it to highlight your expertise. Even if you do hire an outsider to compile your blogs, you can easily provide a list of topics you’d like your blog entries to be focused on from week to week, says the founder.

Blogging is just another one of those exceptional marketing tools that can truly benefit your law firm. Take it a step further, too, recommends Barnes. Encourage your writer to include local community events. For instance, if you’re participating in the latest Red Cross fundraiser, compile a blog focusing on your participation and invite others in your community to participate as well. It’s great PR for the non profit you’re passionate about and it also provides a sense of community.

Need further inspiration? Visit A. Harrison Barne’s blog (and yes, he writes each entry himself) at Here you can see just how powerful a blog can be. It allows you to show a more personal side, too. That’s always good for potential clients -they want that human touch that convinces them you’re compassionate and attentive to their needs.

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