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From designing training programs for new employees to gaining access to various loan products to grow your business, the Small Business Administration, or SBA, is your second stop after, of course, finding those new employees on There are countless programs that will ensure your business gets off to a healthy start and then flourish in even the toughest of economies, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder. “Many business owners take advantage of the free online training courses in everything from business management to the various federal compliance issues that are applicable to any business, regardless of its size”, says Barnes.

The recession has changed the way companies hire new employees and the dynamics involved with the process as a whole. From health insurance to vacation days, everything’s shifted and it looks like these dynamics are going to be in play through at least 2012 if we’re to believe the latest information coming from the Obama Administration. The better prepared you are, the greater the odds of your business being a success.

Another important aspect of starting a new business is putting together a professional and all inclusive business plan. From start to finish, the resources to make that happen are on the SBA’s website. Need start up funds? Want to buy a franchise? Want to grow your small business and need to justify on paper how it will mean the addition of ten new employees? All these questions, plus many more, are answered here. A. Harrison Barnes says many businesses don’t consider the SBA as a viable tool because they’re not sure if they meet the definition of a small business. That’s unfortunate, since even if your company doesn’t qualify as a small business, you still have access to the many resources available on the site. It’s free and the information is accurate, well defined and also provides even more resources outside the confines of the agency.

One of the strongest pulls for the SBA is its financial assistance. While the SBA does not directly loan any monies, it does back those businesses that have strong business plans and can prove they offer a viable service or product in their communities. The small business owner then approaches his banker, with the power of the SBA serving as a partner and standing good for the loan.

Having these kinds of resources can often mean gaining the edge that will allow a business expand, increase its profits and bring on new employees to keep pace with the growth. This, of course, is the purpose of the administration. A. Harrison Barnes encourages businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the wealth of resources available to anyone who needs it. There are even target audiences that include sections devoted to veterans, women, young entrepreneurs and those businesses focusing on international trade.

With so much information stocked on this valuable website, why wouldn’t anyone take advantage of its one stop service?

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